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Edmund P. Daley is a member of Robinson+Cole’s Business Litigation Group. He focuses his practice on complex commercial and real estate litigation matters.

Prior to joining Robinson+Cole, Mr. Daley served as a law clerk for Chief Justice Scott Kafker and Associate Justice Janis Berry at the Massachusetts Appeals Court, where he conducted legal research and drafted opinions in civil and criminal cases. He also served as a law clerk for justices at the Massachusetts Superior Court, where he worked extensively on trials, hearings, and motions.

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What to Know about the Proposed Amendments to Local Rule 25.0 and E-Filing in The First Circuit Court of Appeals

The First Circuit Court of Appeals recently released its proposed amendments to Local Rule 25.0, governing the use of electronic document filing (“e-filing”). While Many of the proposed amendments incorporate familiar aspects of the e-filing system in Massachusetts Federal District Court, there are some notable differences and aspects to point out. The following is a … Continue Reading

The SJC Defends Environmental Bloggers’ Right to SLAPP Back in Defamation Suit

In Cardno ChemRisk, LLC v. Foytlin, 476 Mass. 479 (2017), the Supreme Judicial Court held that the anti-SLAPP statute protected two bloggers’ critical opinions contained in a blog post directed at a scientific consulting firm working for British Petroleum (“BP”) in the wake of the Deep Water Horizon spill. The defendant bloggers, two environmental advocates, … Continue Reading

Not Quite a Final Judgment: Steering Clear of the Perils in Filing a Notice of Appeal

The Massachusetts Appeals Court recently decided two issues of first impression in a case arising out of a mediated settlement gone bad. See ZVI Construction Co. v. Levy, 90 Mass. App. Ct. 412 (2016) (“ZVI”). The court determined that there was no fraud exception to a written mediation confidentiality agreement, and that one party in … Continue Reading